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Mini Golf: Course 2 (Tournament Mode)

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Mini Golf Instructions

Lining up a Shot:

Click on the golf green and a red aiming arrow will appear. The direction of the arrow indicates the direction of the shot, and the size of the arrow indicates the force to be applied.


Left click and HOLD YOUR MOUSE BUTTON DOWN on the SWING button. Release the SWING button when the red Aim indicator is at the centre of its range. If you release too soon, your aim will veer to the left - too late and your aim veers right.

Practice and Tournament Modes:

In tournament mode, you are limited to seven strokes per hole; in practice mode, there is no limit.

In practice mode, you can use cheat keys to repeatedly play holes that are giving you trouble. Cheat keys include:

R -- Replay the hole from the beginning
P -- Go to the previous hole
N -- Go to the next hole

Note: The cheat keys won't work until after you have clicked the mouse for the first time in the applet window. This is normal with Java applets.