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Annual Festival of the Performing Arts

Te Awamutu Competitions Society

This event is run by the Te Awamutu Competitions Society Inc. The Arts Festival is an annual event of Te Awamutu, held near the end of September. It has been part of our community for more than 60 years with over 2000 young competitors, beginners through to University students, coming from throughout NZ to take part in the various Art disciplines. These include Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap, Vocal, Pianoforte, Instrumental, Speech & Drama. From this Festival we are able to nominate competitors for the 'Young Performer of the Year' Award.

Details of this years event available at www.teawamutucompetitionssociety.com

More about the Te Awamutu Competitions Society of the Performing Arts Inc

Who are they?
A group of community members who are enthusiastic about the Arts and even more enthusiastic to create an opportunity for our young people to develop, grow and perform in their chosen art form. These various art forms are: Ballet, Tap, Modern Dance, Pianoforte, Instrumental, Speech & Drama, Vocal, Highland & National Dance.

Inspired by the success of a one day competition in 1952, Te Awamutu held its first three day Arts festival in August 1953. With 1377 entries in the various Art forms of Vocal, Instrumental, Elocution, National Dance and Fancy Dance, it was an outstanding success. This success lead to becoming a member of the Federation of the Competitions Society, known today as PACANZ.

The Te Awamutu Performing Arts Festival is well established and continues to attract performers from all over New Zealand. The Adjudicators, professionals in their field, are from New Zealand as well as overseas. As a member of PACANZ we can nominate winners from our festival for the prestigious Young Performer of the Year Award.

What the Society Does
It provides a platform for students of any age to:

You Can Help
As a non-profit organisation we rely on grants and individual sponsorship to run the Festival each year. To assist us to continue to provide this platform for our young people to perform, develop and grow we would like to invite you to become part of the team.
- As a Sponsor
With your sponsorship we are able to encourage young people to continue developing their talents. Your contribution of $30 or more will:

- As a Friend of the Society
For a subscription of $30 you are entitled to:

If you would like to support this worthwhile event contact the Te Awamutu Competitions Society of Performing Arts Inc