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What do listings cost?
For each separate business or organization, the first listing is free. There are charges for multiple listings and logos (see below).

How long will I have to wait before my listing appears?
It varies from a few hours to a few weeks. if there are any charges, you will only be invoiced from the time the listing goes live.

What prevents someone else from editing my listing?
We verify all listings and updates before they are made public. In most cases we ring you and/or double-check details with your website.

Why do I have to enter my postcode?
It helps weed out spammers and twits trying to list businesses based in Timbuktu.

How do you determine the categories? How do I suggest a different or new category?
We use our own judgement and experience while also taking into account the suggestions we receive from the public. If you'd like to suggest a new category or change to an existing category, please read the following notes and then contact us.


First listing Free
Additional listings $30.00 + GST each per year
Logo or other image $50.00 + GST one-off fee
Video $50.00 + GST per year
Video produced from $200.00 + GST
Webpage with photos and additional information $100.00 + GST per year