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Courier FAQ

Viewing the Courier Online

How do I view the Courier online?

In most cases, simply click the thumbnail image for any edition of the Courier (you can find these on the Courier home page). However there are various potential issues and you might like to read this FAQ to make sure you are using the best method for your situation.

When is the online Courier published?

The online Courier is usually published between 1 and 12 hours after real-world publication. Because this job is done by volunteers we cannot guarantee a time frame.

Why is the online Courier sometimes late?

Because it is published by volunteers who have to fit it in around real jobs. If the Courier is late, please do not contact us asking when it will be published — this only slows us down. Rest assured that it has not been forgotten and will be published at the earliest opportunity.

How do the Courier files work?

Each edition of the Courier is available as a PDF file. PDF files are a bit different to web pages and the way you view them will depend on your browser and internet settings. In most cases however, simply click any link to an edition of the Courier and you'll see the file.

Most browsers will show the file as if it was a normal web page, except that you might see the "Adobe Acrobat" program load and more options appear in your browser toolbar. Other browsers may open the Acrobat Reader program in a separate window.

In the unlikely event that you cannot open the file at all, you may need to download Acrobat Reader.


Why PDF Files?

PDF is by far the most practical way to present material such as a printed newspaper. The PDF format is widely supported and retains the exact layout of the original publication.

How do I scroll through the pages?

There are three ways to scroll through the pages of each edition:

  1. Use your keyboard Up and Down arrows and/or the Page Up and Page Down keys.
  2. Use the browser (or Acrobat Reader) scrollbar.
  3. Left-click on the page and drag it up or down. This is often the smoothest method, especially if you right-click the page and select the "Continuous" option. See the next question...

Can I change the way the paper is displayed?

Yes - in fact we recommend trying different options to see which suits you best. When viewing a PDF file, right-click anywhere on the page and select one of the following options:

Why do pages take so long to load?

The file sizes are relatively large - this is unavoidable. If you have a slow connection you may experience delays in loading. In this case you might want to download the entire file and read it on your own computer.

How do I download the entire file?

Right-click the link to the edition you want to download, then select "Save File As" or "Save Target As". Save the PDF file somewhere on your computer, then double-click that file to open and view it.

If the pages are difficult to read, or are poor quality...

Try adjusting the zoom level in the toolbar. A zoom level of 100% will usually give the best results, or try multiples such as 50%, 150%, 200%.

About the Courier

How can I Contact the Courier?

Use our contact form or any of the following details:

Te Awamutu Courier,
97 Sloane St,
Te Awamutu
Ph: 07-871-5150
Fax: 07-871-3675