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Shaun Joyce
By Richard Owen

25 years ago I met Shaun.

He came into my life through my brother Dave, and right throughout my journey through adolescence, and into adulthood, Shaun was a large part of my life. We marvelled together at the discoveries we all were making at that time, the joy of making music, the freedom of teenage years, the fairer sex, the pleasures of hedonism.......there was no such thing as a dull party with Shaun there.

But Shaun was much more than a social acquaintance to me, he was more like a brother. He was there for me when I needed someone to lean on. Always. I slept on his couch, borrowed his car, talked about girls, complained about parents, grappled with the evils of hedonism....and he never judged. He was everything a true friend should be.

When I heard, my heart sank. I knew instantly there would always be an empty feeling in my heart where the loss of Shaun would be. This will always be so for me now, until I die. But then I thought of the place in my heart where my memories of Shaun are, and the feelings of happiness and richness he bought into my life welled up. I will cherish these memories. Always.

Farewell my dear friend.

Shaun Leonard Joyce, I salute you.

Richard Owen.