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Memories of Shaun
By Richard de Luen

I meet Shaun when he was working in the corner record bar in Woolworths back in '83. I was a scruffy 13 yr old boy who had an addiction to heavy metal ( by the way, this is compulsary when you live in Hamilton ) and every chance I had, I would search all the records stores in Hamilton for the latest slice of vinyl. Finally I had met a guy on the same wavelength as me and we hit it off instantly.

Shaun always knew what I was after and made sure he would track it down for me. And from that moment on, where ever Shaun worked, I would call him for the next record that he knew I'd like.

This went on for years until I saw an add in the NZ Herald for a Trainee Manager at Sounds - see Shaun Joyce for an interview. I couldn't believe my luck so I called Shaun the very next day and he set up an interview. I ended up working side by side with Shaun for the next 6 and half years at the old Strand Arcade store which sadly is no longer there.

Those years were the best years in my life. Music coming out of my ears, instores, continious promo evevings with unlimited alchohol. Man we had some laughs.We also had some fierce arguments in those days but the thing with Shaun was that the next day they had never happened.

I idolised the guy throughout these years and so wanted to be like him. I suppose he was my mentor in many ways. The days at the Strand were closing and I decided to leave Sounds to further my career in the music industry. I wasn't really sure where to start but Shaun steered me in the right direction.

Shaun always saw the best in people and wanted to help them on their way. Without Shauns support and encouragement there is no doubt in my mind I wouldn't be where I am today. Going back to the record bar when I was 13, for years I have had this memory that Shaun had given me a free copy of the Jimi Hendrix movie soundtrack and I have wondered how did he do it without me paying for it. Was it a sample? I never knew. Then only a month ago I was talking to Shaun about this and he laughed his head off and said "No no Rich you've got it all wrong, I caught you trying to steal it from me! But as it was a great choice I gave it to you anyway".

This is where it all began, 21 years ago. I am still coming to terms with Shauns passing, every day I hear a tune that we both loved and it still brings all these emotions to the surface. Shaun was an absolute legend and he will be missed forever.