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Franz Oscar Natzka (1912 - 1951)

Oscar Natzke
Oscar Natzka

Franz Oscar Natzka (Born Natzke but changed in 1947) was an operatic singer of international repute. He was born on 15 June 1912 at Wharepuhunga, near Te Awamutu.

Originally a blacksmith, he moved to London in 1935 to study under Albert Garcia. Within a few years he became known as one of the world's finest operatic bassos.

During the Second World War he joined the Royal Canadian Navy and rose to the rank of Commander.

In 1946 he appeared in the British musical motion picture Meet the Navy.

Oscar Natzka died of a cerebral haemorrhage on November 4, 1951 in New York, aged 39. He was inducted into the Te Awamutu Walk of Fame in 2004.

Albums Album Covers
Oscar NATZKA (bass) - The Definitive Collection
Volume 1: 1938-1940; Volume 2: 1942-1950.

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