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What is a Tsunami?

A tsunami is a series of sea waves generated by underwater earthquakes or large landslides.

Tsunami Warning

The Ministry of Civil Defence issues national warnings through the Police and civil defence organisations, and through radio and television broadcasts.

Near Source Tsunamis

A "near source" tsunami is one that is generated close to our coastline by a strong earthquake. New Zealand has experienced a few of these. The water level may fall very quickly past the normal low tide mark, then return just as quickly. If this happens there won't be enough time to issue a warning.

When a Tsunami Threatens:

DO Turn on your radio and follow all instructions.
DO Take your Getaway Kit with you if you are told to evacuate.
DO Leave the area immediately if you are on the beach or near a river when a strong earthquake occurs.
DO Go at least 1 kilometre inland or 35 metres above sea level.

DON'T Go near a river or beach to watch the waves come in!