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Damaging wind is caused by depressions or by tornadoes. A strong wind warning is issued by the National Forecasting Centre when winds of more that 87km/h are expected over land.

When a Strong Wind Warning is Issued:

DO Listen to your radio for information.
DO Bring pets inside and move stock to shelter.
DO Pick up rubbish and put rubbish bins inside.
DO Secure outdoor furniture and lightweight garages.
DO Put tape across large windows to stop them from shattering.

During the Storm:

DO Open a window on the side of the building away from the wind-this will relieve pressure on the roof.
DO Close the curtains to slow down flying glass or other loose objects.
DO Stay away from doors and windows. If the wind becomes destructive, shelter further inside the house. Use a mattress for added protection.
DO Stay away from metal and electrical fixtures.
DO Contact local council if your house or building is severely damaged by the wind.

DON'T Walk around outside.
DON'T Go driving unless absolutely necessary.

After the Storm:

DO Avoid dangling and broken power lines. Report these to the nearest electrical authority.
DO Contact your local council for advice about cleaning up debris.