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Disastrous floods have struck most parts of New Zealand at some time or other. Floods are the most common cause of a Civil Defence Emergency.

Before a Flood Strikes:

DO Assume that you will have to cope with a flood. Several so-called "100-year" floods can happen in quick succession.
DO Find out about the worst flood in your locality and how high it rose. Calculate where such a flood would reach in your home.
DO Inform yourself about present and future plans for building flood protection schemes in your locality.
DO Know how to reach the nearest high ground.
DO Keep your valuables and some food and clothing above what you judge to be the high-water mark.
DO Store weedkillers, insecticides and other chemicals above your estimated high-water mark.
DO Consider building some form of storage above your ceiling.
DO Keep your insurance up to date.

When a Flood Threatens:

DO Listen to your radio for information. Follow Civil Defence advice and instructions.
DO Disconnect electrical appliances and move valuables, clothing, food, medicines and chemicals above the likely reach of floodwater.
DO Take your Getaway Kit with you if you have to leave your home.
DO Turn electricity and gas off at the mains.
DO Take your pets with you.

DON'T Go sightseeing through flooded areas.
DON'T Drink floodwater. It could be contaminated.